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Edinburgh walking tours for architecture lovers

A host to dramatic landscapes, picturesque Old Town, exquisite Georgian architecture, as well as exciting modern pieces, Edinburgh has a story to tell. We believe the most meaningful way to discover Edinburgh is through its built heritage.

This is why we invite you to join our guided tours, where architects and architecture students will reveal how and why the city was constructed. 

The street layouts, building proportions, materials and tools used, details, patterns, and trade insignia will provide hints to historical events and characters.  The lifestyles, values, and ideas of different eras will reveal themselves as you stroll the atmospheric narrow closes, elegant crescents, grand squares, and romantic gardens. 





A 2.5-hour tour of Edinburgh’s picturesque Old Town, just south of Princes Street. Learn how the Old Town was first built up, and subsequently revamped in the second half of the 19th century in the unique Scottish Baronial Revival style that so captured the Victorian imagination.




2-hour tour off the beaten path in a lush, green valley.  Discover the picturesque Baronial legacy of the ancient milling village set under the majestic Thomas Telford’s Dean Bridge. Wander into the courtyard of Victorian social housing, and admire exceedingly glamorous Georgian orphanages. 




2-hour tour of New Town, just north of Princes Street. Pick up the principles Georgian Neoclassical planning on a walk through an ordered grid of extravagant tenements and romantic landscapes of private gardens. Grasp the origins of palatial facades, elegant ironwork, sunken floors and a palette of sandstone finishes.




5-hour tour extending the Old Town Tour to show you even more hidden courtyards, alleyways (‘closes’) and architectural detail on the building façades waiting to have their story told. This tour involves a meal break amongst tall Corinthian columns in the Colonnades, a chic classical former Lawyers’ library.**

What locals say

My friend and I are both local but without much knowledge of architecture, so the tour shed new light on familiar places. It was fascinating to learn about all the influences on Edinburgh’s architecture, from brochs and baronial castles to Le Corbusier.
Rosalind, Dunbar

What visitors say

We discovered the architectural influences and historical reasons for the development of Dean Village while learning how elevation and available materials shaped the decisions of the builders. My husband and I found ourselves applying our new knowledge of architectural features throughout the remainder of our trip!
Rebecca, Maryland, US
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