First architectural audio guide in Edinburgh

We have released the first architectural audio guides in Edinburgh! Powered by a location aware smartphone app, Edinburgh’s history is told through architecture, all while you walk. The audio guides are great for locals and visitors keen to explore culture right now, without risking the large groups. Every tour sold will raise funds for a local building conservation charity.

Edinburgh without walking tours

With all Edinburgh walking tours currently on hold, an empty city, after a month in quarantine, the new reality starts to sink in. We must get on with our work and lives as best as we can. What is our guiding team currently up to, while we wait for travel to come back?

We are hiring

Our team is growing and we are looking for a (preferably) French speaker with an architectural background to lead historical walking tours focused on architecture.

Hiring a new architectural guide

We are looking for a new guide to join our small but growing architecture tour company in Edinburgh.