Edinburgh Doors Open Days 2019

Architecture Tour
of the New Town

Free Edinburgh New Town tour for Doors Open day 2019

September 28th 10am

Every year Cobble Tales participates in Doors Open Days organised in Edinburgh by Cockburn Association. Read here about what else is worth visiting.

This year we propose a New Town tour where you will learn of Scotland’s cultural connection to Ancient Greece and Rome on a walk through the largest Georgian planned town development in the world.

Soak in the Scottish Enlightenment spirit on a walk through the largest Georgian planned town development in the world. Stroll the ordered, symmetrical grid of Neoclassical tenements and romantic landscapes of private gardens. 

Grasp the origins of typical Georgian details as your guide introduces the palatial facades, elegant ironwork of the New Town street lights, sunken floors, and a palette of sandstone finishes.

This tour is now sold out and the waiting list is full.

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10am Saturday 28.09.19 | 2.5h 

Learn how the Old Town was first built up, and subsequently revamped in the unique Scottish Baronial Revival style.


10am Sunday 29.09.19 | 2h 

Explore off the beaten path and discover the picturesque Baronial legacy of the milling village set under the majestic Thomas Telford’s Dean Bridge.

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Half Day | Lunch Stop | £57pp

An Old Town tour for true explorers. Discover the mysterious creatures lurking overhead and wander the multitude of atmospheric closes and courtyards around Royal Mile.


Half Day | Lunch Stop | £57pp

A New Town tour for modern Georgians. Soak in the spirit of the Scottish Enlightenment and roam beyond the first New Town and into the crescents and lanes of its slopes. 

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“It was fascinating to learn about all the influences on Edinburgh’s architecture, from brochs and baronial castles to Le Corbusier. “