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The only architecturally themed tour in Edinburgh available for small groups

Select the tour from the four available itineraries below. All tours are curated and led by local architectural graduates.




A 3-hour tour of Edinburgh’s picturesque Old Town, just south of Princes Street. Learn how the Old Town was first built up, and subsequently revamped in the second half of the 19th century in the unique  Scottish Baronial Revival style that so captured the Victorian imagination.




2-hour tour off the beaten path in a lush, green valley.  Discover the picturesque Baronial legacy of the ancient milling village set under the majestic Thomas Telford’s Dean Bridge. Wander into the courtyard of Victorian social housing, and admire exceedingly glamorous Georgian orphanages.




2-hour tour of New Town, just north of Princes Street. Learn about principles and details of Georgian Neoclassical planning and architecture during the walk through rational, ordered, symmetrical grid of streets of extravagant townhouses and romantic landscapes of private gardens. 




5-hour tour extending the Old Town Tour to show you even more hidden courtyards, alleyways (‘closes’) and architectural detail on the building façades waiting to have their story told. This tour involves a meal break amongst tall Corinthian columns in the Colonnades, a chic classical former Lawyers’ library.**

The architectural tours of Edinburgh are designed to tell a story based on the buildings and their details.
These subjects are used to explain the influences that shaped the development of the city, aspirations of building patrons and architects.

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 Immersive illustrative route accompanied with revelational narrative. Compete against the others in your party on a treasure hunt!


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Comprehensive narrative that makes sense of Edinburgh.


Material presented is grounded on primary reference sources available only in a local library and crosschecked on location. No urban myths here.


Routes include celebrated locations and hidden architectural gems.

Frequently asked questions


How do I book?- Select a tour form a list above, click book tour, request a time slot in the calendar, pay online upon confirmation of availability.

The weather forecast for the tour I booked is really bad. What is going to happen? – Sometimes weather in Edinburgh can turn beyond reasonable conditions. Good news is, that usually does not last. Note that tours can and do go ahead in wet/snowy weather. The guide will seek to find a suitable reschedule for your party.

Can I cancel my booking? –Cancellation of an architecture tour is accepted with at least 48 hours notice. For details please refer to Terms and Conditions.

What if I need to reschedule?  – We will endeavour to accommodate a rescheduled walking tour for you with up to 2 days notice, but cancellation of the rescheduled date will not be liable to a refund. Slots may be subject to availability in busy times of the year.

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