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What to do in Edinburgh

Cobble Tales offer audio tours in Edinburgh that explain the art history, architecture and town planning. As you walk through the dramatic landscapes, picturesque Old Town, exquisite Georgian architecture, as well as exciting modern pieces, you will get a deeper understanding of Scottish culture and history. 

To complement our architecture audio tours for discerning travellers, we are suggesting beautiful places to stay and eat. To expand your experience in Edinburgh, you will also find other tours to try, and places to visit. For more inspiration and research read our blog.

What to visit in Edinburgh

Compliment your architectural tour with visits to these architecture buff’s highlights in and around Edinburgh.

National Museum of Scotland

Enjoy the soaring white iron Great Hall (Balcony cafe is a good place to people watch) and the architectural promenade through its new extension. Do not miss the roof terrace for amazing views!

Spire of St Giles

Take a quick tour of the Cathedral and discover its oldest details. Then climb up to the tower to admire the vista over the Royal Mile. Departs every 30min on weekends with a maximum of 6 persons.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Said to be the most impressive telling hall in Europe, the starlit Dundas House extension is still operated by RBS as a regular bank branch. Visitors and photography welcome.

Salisbury Crags

Appreciate the design of the Scottish Parliament from a birds eye view by hiking up Salisbury Crags of the Holyrood Park. Views of Edinburgh and beyond are spectacular.

Parliament House

Visit the place where the Parliament of Scotland sat until 1707. Open for visitors during office hours. Note the original 1639 Dutch oak ceiling structure presiding over the meeting place for lawyers.

Register House

Robert Adam's masterpiece and one of the world's oldest custom-built archive buildings still in use. Open during office hours. Do not miss Adam's tall rotunda and the secret archivists' garden at the back!

Rosslyn Chapel

Spend hours marvelling at exquisite and mysterious sculpture that covers this small building from floor to roof. Enveloped in Templar history, this chapel is also a major draw for the Da Vinci Code fans.

Firth of Forth Railway Bridge

UNESCO heritage site in its own right, this majestic railway bridge is best observed from South or North Queesferry. Real bridge aficionados might even consider taking a boat trip for a better look!

Looking for more of things to do in Edinburgh?

See the best Art Deco buildings, refurbishment projects, days out from Edinburgh, and more on our blog. See our page for group tours if you are planning a study trip to Edinburgh. 

Don’t have time to do the research and want to see the best of Edinburgh’s architecture? Book a tour with us!